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Or if you’re looking for a quick summary: my blog is like Slate Star Codex, but less funny, and without specialized medical knowledge. Or it’s like Alexey Guzey’s blog, but without the posts he’s famous for, and I publish more than once every few months.

Really, I just want an outlet to express the thoughts that are personally meaningful to me.

That might sound odd, but it shouldn’t. There’s no reason to relegate complex questions to a purely intellectual domain. Consider the profile of Liu Cixin:

Liu had an epiphany about the concept of a light-year—the “terrifying distance” and “bone-chilling vastness” it implied. Concepts that seemed abstract to others took on, for him, concrete forms; they were like things he could touch, inducing a “druglike euphoria.” Compared with ordinary literature, he came to feel, “the stories of science are far more magnificent, grand, involved, profound, thrilling, strange, terrifying, mysterious, and even emotional.”

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I’m not a fan of blog rolls. Just read the blog and click the hyperlinks and you’ll see what I’m reading. But I will recommend two underrated blogs: Fantastic Anachronism and For Our Posterity.

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One downside of writing anonymously is that I can’t thank by name the many friends who have contributed ideas, comments and encouragement. For now, it will have to suffice to say that they exist, and I’m immensely grateful for their support.